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Energy Commodity Balance

gt gt Commodity balance The purpose of commodity balance is to show the sourcesof supply and various uses of particular energy product with reference to nationalterritory of the compiling country The balance is compiled for any energycommodity provided that the commodity remains homogeneous at each point inthe balance gt gt International Recommendations on Energy Statistics IRES recommends that theformat of energy balance and all applicable concepts are consistently used in thecompilation of a commodity balance to ensure data consistency The major sourcesfor commercial energy in India are coal, oil products, natural gas and electricity Non energy producing sectors derive energy from the resources available inprimary form such as coal, crude oil, natural gas, hydro power and nuclear power Some of the energy resources are converted into other final energy products thatare used for purposes other than energy generation gt gt Coal is also used as a final product or intermediate for power generation Similarly, natural gas is also used directly or as an intermediate in powergeneration Many petroleum products, such as HSDO, Naphtha etc are used as afinal product by the non energy producing sectors and also used for powergeneration This indicates that the same energy source can be used in various formsat various stages of consumption This creates a possibility of over estimation orunder estimation of energy consumption in totality as well as for different sources gt gt Energy Balance An energy balance is a framework to complete data on allenergy products entering, existing and used within a given country during areference periods e g a year It expresses all data in common energy units, whichmakes it possible to define a ldquo total rdquo product

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