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Large Scale Carbon Capture Projects Database

This dataset contains the world Large Scale Carbon Capture Projects for the period 1972-2029. Data from Global CCS Institute.

Follow for timely data to advance energy economics research.

Globally, there are 15 large-scale CCS projects in operation, with a further seven under construction. The 22 projects in operation or under construction represents a doubling since the start of this decade. The total CO2 capture capacity of these 22 projects is around 40 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa).

There are another 10 large-scale CCS projects at the most advanced stage of development planning, the Concept Definition (or Define) stage, with a total CO2 capture capacity of around 14 Mtpa. A further 12 large-scale CCS projects are in earlier stages of development planning (the Evaluate and Identify stages) and have a total CO2 capture capacity of around 25 Mtpa.

Two large-scale CCS projects became operational in 2015:

  • The Quest project, located in Alberta, Canada (CO2 capture capacity of approximately 1 Mtpa) was launched in November 2015. The project, involving the manufacture of hydrogen for upgrading bitumen into synthetic crude oil, is North America’s first large-scale CCS project to store CO2 exclusively in a deep saline formation.
  • The Uthmaniyah CO2-EOR Demonstration Project, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was launched in July 2015. The project is capable of capturing around 0.8 Mtpa of CO2 from the Hayiwah NGL (natural gas liquids) Recovery Plant.

Two more industrial CCS projects are expected to become operational in early 2016:

  • The Illinois Industrial CCS Project (CO2 capture capacity of 1 Mtpa) is located at the Archer Daniel Midlands corn-to-ethanol production facility in Decatur, Illinois (United States). The project, the world’s first bio-CCS project at large scale, will be the first integrated CCS project in the United States to inject CO2 into a deep saline formation at a scale of 1 Mtpa.
  • The Abu Dhabi CCS Project (CO2 capture capacity of 0.8 Mtpa), the world’s first iron and steel project to apply CCS at large scale, will involve CO2capture from the direct reduced iron process used at the Emirates Steel plant in Abu Dhabi.

Large-scale CCS projects in the power sector are now a reality, demonstrated by:

  • The world’s first large-scale power sector CCS project – the Boundary Dam Carbon Capture and Storage Project in Canada (CO2 capture capacity of 1 Mtpa) – becoming operational in October 2014.
  • Commissioning activities on a new-build 582 megawatt (MW) power plant beginning at the Kemper County Energy Facility in Mississippi (United States, CO2 capture capacity of 3 Mtpa) with CO2 capture expected to commence around the middle of 2016.
  • The Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project at the W.A. Parish power plant near Houston, Texas (US, CO2 capture capacity of 1.4 Mtpa) entering construction in July 2014, with CO2 capture anticipated by the end of 2016.

Definitions of what constitutes a large-scale integrated project and of the various stages in the lifecycle of a project are found at:

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