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List of GCC Power Plants

Property:CarmaId reference ID
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kgkilogram1 kg, kilogram
ggram1 kg corresponds to 1000 g, gram
tonnemetric tonne1 kg corresponds to 0.001 t
megatonnemillion metric tonnes1 kg corresponds to 1e-9 Mt, megatonnes
lbimperial pound1 kg corresponds to 2.204622 lb, lbs, pounds
ozavoirdupois ounce1 kg corresponds to 35.273962 oz, ounce
tonshort ton1 kg corresponds to 0.0011023113 tons, ton
caratgram1 kg corresponds to 5000 carat
uatomic mass unit1 kg corresponds to 6.02214151134e26 u, Da
Solmass of Sun1 kg 5.0274e-31 Sol

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