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QuERI-Global Market Forecast

QuERI International Global Industry and Trade Data 1990 2020 April, 2012 baseline Macroeconomic Data Gross Domestic Product, Personal Consumption, Business Investment, Government, Exports and Imports World, North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, Africa Data Sources Gross Output or Production Data United Nations Industrial Demand Supply Balance Database latest 2011 update with data through 2008 4 digit ISIC 3 manufactures United Nations Standard National Accounts UNSNA for Service Categories 2 digit ISIC latest data through 2007 8 United Nations Standard National Accounts UNSNA for Service Categories Personal Consumption and Government Consumption Data, latest through 2008 9 16 consumption categories, 4 10 government categories US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, US NAICS Gross Output, Commodity Price, and Employment data through 2010 UN Commodity Trade data based on HS6 data set concorded to NAICS 6 detail for Exports and Imports to and from World through 2010 International Labor Organization Employment data detailed manufactures and 1 digit ISIC Revision 3 data through 2008 10 US Department of Commerce Input Output models base model 2002 with capital matrix data from 1997 and Annual IO updated data through 2008 OECD Establishment by Size Category Data data through 2007 for selected OECD member states Misc National Source data as needed Air Factor data based on US detailed international trade data and IATA adjustment factors Ocean data based on QuERI model of Ocean transport World Bank World Development Indicators Macroeconomic baseline forecasts developed by Economist Intelligence Unit latest June, 2012 with adjustments by QuERI International models

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