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STAN Database for Structural Analysis

Recommended uses and limitations of STANIt is recommended that STAN is primarily used for broad analyses, particularly at the detailed level where many of the data points are estimated For example, looking at trends or average growth rates and shares over a few years or general modelling This also applies to any indicators that may be calculated see Annex 2 in the full documentation for examples Where the data points are official National Accounts often at more aggregate industry levels there is more scope for precise analyses such as looking at year on year growth rates STAN is based on data that Member countries provide Detailed data collections independent of national statistical offices are not performed In other words, we do not have the scope to build up National Accounts compatible tables from detailed data using consistent methodologies across countries Therefore, when comparing variables or indicators across countries, users should refer to the STAN country notes to check for industry inclusions and variable definitions Some comprises may be necessary in terms of the level of detail analysed

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