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Transportation Price Index

The millions of people that book journeys with GoEuro each month all do so with widely differing agendas Some arrive looking for a cheap deal while others want to travel the length and breadth of the continent in luxury GoEuro and our providers cater for these criteria and everything in between, so we thought we rsquo d take a look at the data and see what average prices our users were choosing to pay in each different European country With offers from more than 450 operators and millions of users searching for connections in countries across Europe every week, the GoEuro database offers a unique perspective on actual consumer behaviour, and on effective price levels resulting from the interplay of supply and demand in each market This is not just an analysis of prices and tariffs offered by operators, let alone of the cheapest fares available in each case Rather, our data shows the average price actually paid by travelers, after choosing from the full menu of different rail tariffs, as well as bus and air travel options for their journey Prices are in Euros per 100 km of travel taken as an average from our booking platform from April 2015 to April 2016 nbsp

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