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World liquefied natural gas (LNG) landed prices, Monthly Update

Estimated monthly LNG landed prices from the U S nbsp Federal Energy Regulatory Comission Natural Gas Markets National Overview reports nbsp Prices are the monthly averages of the weekly landed prices traded during the prior month Landed LNG price is a price as received at the regasification terminal nbsp Landed prices are based on a netback calculation Netback price is a nbsp pricing assessment or pricing formula based on the effective price to the producer or seller at a specific location or defined point For example, liquefied natural gas LNG netback prices may be determined by the market natural gas price at market destinations less the cost of pipeline transportation, regasification, waterborne shipping and liquefaction Data in US MMBtu Source Waterborne Energy, Inc nbsp Note Includes information and Data supplied by IHS Global Inc and its affiliates ldquo IHS rdquo nbsp World liquefied natural gas LNG landed prices November 2017

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