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WorldBank - Global Economic Monitor (GEM)

Providing daily updates of global economic developments, with coverage of high income- as well as developing countries. Daily data updates are provided for exchange rates, equity markets, interest rates, stripped bond spreads, and emerging market bond indices. Monthly data coverage (updated daily and populated upon availability) is provided for consumer prices, high-tech market indicators, industrial production and merchandise trade.

  • CPI Price, nominal: The consumer price index reflects the change in prices for the average consumer of a constant basket of consumer goods. Data is not seasonally adjusted. World Bank staff calculations based on Datastream data.
  • Industrial Production, constant US$: An economic indicator that measures changes in output for the industrial sector of the economy. The industrial sector includes manufacturing, mining, and utilities. Data is in constant US$, seasonally adjusted. The base year is 2005.World Bank staff calculations based on Datastream data.
  • Stock Markets: Local equity market index valued in US$ terms. World Bank staff calculations based on Datastream and IMF International Finance Statistics data.

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