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Annual Estimates of Global Anthropogenic Methane Emissions

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This dataset contains global Annual Estimates of Anthropogenic Methane Emissions for the period 1860-1994. Data from Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center.

Follow for timely data to advance energy economics research.

Annual Estimates of Global Anthropogenic Methane Emissions: 1860-1994. The first estimates, by year, of global man-made emissions of methane, from 1860 through 1994 are provided. The data presented here are revised and updated through 1994. Estimates are provided for total anthropogenic emissions, as well as emissions for the following component categories: Flaring and Venting of Natural Gas; Oil and Gas Supply Systems, Excluding Flaring; Coal Mining; Biomass Burning; Livestock Farming; Rice Farming and Related Activities; Landfills. Changes in emissions over time were estimated by treating emissions as a function of variables (such as population or coal production) for which historical time series are available.

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