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Installed Renewable Energy Capacity

IRENA Copyright Info: Material in this publication may be freely used, shared, copied, reproduced, printed and/or stored, provided that all such material is clearly attributed to IRENA and bears a notation that it is subject to copyright (© IRENA 2019). Material contained in this publication attributed to third parties may be subject to third-party copy-right and separate terms of use and restrictions, including restrictions in relation to any commercial use.
This publication should be cited as: IRENA (2019), 'Renewable Energy Market Analysis: The GCC Region'. IRENA, Abu Dhabi.

Installed Renewable Energy Capacity in GCC Counties, as of 2018 as reported by IRENA (2019): 'Renewable Energy Market Analysis, The GCC region' IRENA AbuDubai

Note: Oman's 7 MWth enhanced oil recovery plant is not included because this table addresses only electricity. Source: IRENA Renewable Energy Statistics; (REN21, MOFA and IRENA, 2013); (RCREEE, 2015b)

Note: 2017-2018 Data published in 2019 publication as one value.

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