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Macro-Statistics / Capital Stock

FAO Agricultural Capital Stock Database.

Activity coverage: Agriculture, forestry, fishery (ISIC Rev.3: A+B).

Main indicators: Agricultural Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCFAFF), Agricultural Net and Gross Capital Stock (NCSAFF & GCSAFF), Agricultural Consumption of Fixed Capital (CFCAFF), Agricultural Investment ratio (AIR), and the Agriculture Orientation Index in physical investment flows (INV_AOI).

As part of the FAO Agricultural Capital Stock database, ESS-FAO publishes country-by-country data on annual physical investment flows in agriculture, forestry and fishery as measured by the System of National Accounts (SNA) concept of Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF).The FAO Capital Stock Database is an analytical database. For most countries, published series start in 1990.

Whenever available, the database integrates national accounts data harvested from UNSD National Accounts Official Country Data (UNSD OCD) or OECD STAN and OECD Annual National Accounts (OECD ANA). To make data comparable across countries and over time, national data series have been rescaled to pair the ISIC Rev. 3 levels (linking of series is done by applying ratios computed on overlapping years of data) and re-referenced using the UNSD National Accounts Estimates of Main Aggregates database. If the full set of national accounts data on the above-mentioned set of agriculture capital related variables is not available for a specific country from these sources, estimation procedures are employed to construct complete time series. For a description of the procedures implemented to obtain complete time series on GFCFAFF, net and gross CSAFF, and CFCAFF, see the “Data Compilation” section underneath.

Country data on Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) in agriculture, forestry and fishery, either as complete time series or just data for a few individual years, are available for just over 100 countries, originating mainly from the UNSD NA OCD, and OECD STAN and OECD ANA.

Country data on agricultural Net Capital Stock (NCSAFF), Gross Capital Stock (GCSAFF) and Consumption of Fixed Capital (CFCAFF) are available only for a limited number of countries - to a large extent from OECD countries and included in the OECD STAN database. For some 20 other countries data are also availed from the UNSD National Accounts Official Country Data. Data on Gross Capital Stock (GCS) is available only for a few OECD countries. Based on the dataset on agriculture GFCF, FAO calculates NCSAFF, GCSAFF and CFCAFF series for all countries for which country data are not available from the above mentioned sources. To that end, a variation of the perpetual inventory method is used (for further details, see “Data Compilation” section below).

Series are also presented in Constant prices. The total economy GFCF deflators from UNSD National Accounts Estimates have been used for non-OECD countries. As for OECD countries, GFCFAFF specific deflator series in ISIC Rev.3 A+B are used when available. For other cases, the GFCF-total economy deflator for GFCF has been used. The same deflators as for GFCFAFF have been used for GCSAFF, NCSAFF and CFCAFF.

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