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National Accounts

This dataset contains Oman National Accounts. Data from National Center for Statistics and Information, Sultanate of Oman, Follow datasource.kapsarc.orgfor timely data to advance energy economics research.

This Data set highlights the most important indicators of national accounts, notably gross domestic product (GDP), production account, commodities and services account, domestic and national savings, and gross fixed capital formation.
The Sultanate applies the new system of National Accounts (SNA) approved by the United Nations Economic and Social Council in mid-1993 after being presented by the United Nations Bureau of Statistics.
Application of the system in the Sultanate was in two stages:

the first included the preparation of the National Accounts series for the period 1980-1997 for Production
Accounts and Generation of Income Accounts according to the international recommendations. The second stage started directly after the publication of the updated results of the first stage. During this stage, data were classified and coded according to the classifications stated in the SNA. The Current Accounts and Capital Accounts were constructed according to institutional sectors for 1998- 2006, followed by the preparation and construction of Accounts of the Matrix of Supply and Use Tables and the Integrated Economic Accounts (IEA).

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