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Natural Gas Consumption in Bcm

* Excludes natural gas converted to liquid fuels but includes derivatives of coal as well as natural gas consumed in Gas-to-Liquids transformation.
^ Less than 0.05.
w Less than 0.05%.
n/a not available.
# Excludes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania prior to 1985 and Slovenia prior to 1990.
Notes: As far as possible, the data above represent standard cubic metres (measured at 15oC and 1013 mbar); as they are derived directly from tonnes
of oil equivalent using an average conversion factor, they do not necessarily equate with gas volumes expressed in specific national terms.
The difference between these world consumption figures and the world production statistics is due to variations in stocks at storage facilities
and liquefaction plants, together with unavoidable disparities in the definition, measurement or conversion of gas supply and demand data.
Annual changes and shares of total are calculated using billion cubic metres figures.
Growth rates are adjusted for leap years.

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