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Production of Natural Gas Liquids -by end use

This dataset contains Production of Natural Gas Liquids -by end use from 2012-2017. Data from United Nations Statistics Division. Follow for timely data to advance energy economics research.

Notes: Refer back to the original source for numbers estimated by the United Nations Statistics Division. (numbers with * symbol)

- Please refer to the Definitions Section on pages ix to xv for the appropriate product description/ classification, and xvi to xvii for the descriptions of relevant flows.

- Production refers to production of natural gas liquids

- End-use products refer to the output of natural gas liquids plants, arranged by product. Net imports refer to imports minus exports. Inputs of NGLs to refineries refers to quantities of natural gas liquids that are transformed in oil refineries. Data may not add up due to statistical differences or the presence of other natural gas liquid flows such as stock changes, transfers or energy industries' own use.

- Numbers have been updated

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