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USA Daily RBOB Regular Gasoline Spot Price

This dataset contains USA Daily RBOB Regular Gasoline Spot Price for march 2003- jan 2018 Data from US Energy Information Administration. Follow datasource.kapsarc.org for timely data to advance energy economics research.

EIA Public Domain Data

  • RBOB: "Reformulated Gasoline Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending" is motor gasoline blending components intended for blending with oxygenates to produce finished reformulated gasoline.
  • Regular Gasoline: Gasoline having an antiknock index (average of the research octane rating and the motor octane number) greater than or equal to 85 and less than 88. Note: Octane requirements may vary by altitude.
  • Los Angeles Reformulated RBOB Regular Gasoline Spot Price (Dollars per Gallon)

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