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Uranium Identified Resources (in situ)

Uranium 2018: Resources, Production and Demand

Table 1.2b. Identified resources (in situ)**

(as of 1 January 2017, tonnes U, rounded to nearest 100 tonnes)

* Secretariat estimate. ** In situ resources do not take into account mining and milling losses. (a) Not reported in 2017 responses;

data from previous Red Book. (b) Assessment partially made within the last five years. (c) Assessment not made within the last five
years. (d) Recoverable resources were adjusted by the Secretariat to estimate in situ resources using recovery factors provided by
countries or estimated by the Secretariat according to the expected production method (Appendix 3). (e) Cost data not provided,
therefore resources are reported in the <USD 260/kgU category. (f) Updated from previous report. (g) Totals related to cost
ranges <USD 40/kgU and <USD 80/kgU are higher than reported in the tables because certain countries do not report low-cost
resource estimates, mainly for reasons of confidentiality

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