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Propane Spot Prices

This dataset contains United States Daily Propane Spot Prices for 1992 - 2018. Data from US Energy Information Administration. Follow for timely data to advance energy economics research. 
  • Propane (C3H8): A normally gaseous straight-chain hydrocarbon. It is a colorless paraffinic gas that boils at a temperature of -43.67 degrees Fahrenheit. It is extracted from natural gas or refinery gas streams. It includes all products designated in ASTM Specification D1835 and Gas Processors Association Specifications for commercial propane and HD-05 propane. For price data, it does not include the propane portion of any natural gas liquids (NGL) mixes; i.e., butane-propane and ethane-propane mix.
  • Mont Belvieu, TX Propane Spot Price FOB (Dollars per Gallon)

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